The Importance of Using Sun Protective Clothing On Children

Thanks to the growing popularity of UV Protection Clothing for children, our young ones are much more protected from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays today than they were just a few decades ago.

Blocking UV radiation is not just about avoiding sunburn and freckles. UV radiation can damage the skin in such a way as to set off a ticking time bomb for developing skin cancer later in life.

Children spend a lot more time in the sun than adults. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), children are exposed to about eighty percent of the total UV radiation they will receive in their entire lifetime. This is why it is so important that parents do everything they can to protect their children from UV radiation.

Sunscreen is not the best solution for a variety of reasons. Children tend to be quite fussy about applying sunscreen. Usually, you have to remind them more then once and then insist when they inevitably renege. In their mind, all they are thinking about is going outside to play in the glorious sunshine, not the fact that they could get skin cancer in thirty years if they don't put on their sunscreen. When they do apply sunscreen, they tend to do so in a haphazard manner so they miss a lot of spots. Further, they almost never want to take the time to reapply sunscreen.

Here's what makes matters even worse. There are actually two types of UV radiation and one type is actually worse. The two types are called UVA and UVB. Here's the important distinction between the two types. UVB only penetrates the upper layer of skin and it causes sunburn. However, the UVA penetrates much deeper into the skin and can cause changes that initiate cancer growth. It also causes the skin to age prematurely and become leathery or sag. While sunscreens do a good job at blocking UVB, they do a poor job at blocking UVA. Therefore, it is a fallacy that sunscreens can prevent UV radiation from causing cancer, something the marketing departments at the companies producing sunscreen don't want you to know. 

To emphasize the importance of the point above, even if you see no evidence of sunburn after you apply sunscreen, this does not in any way prove that the UVA portion of the UV radiation that hit your skin won't cause cancer or cause other deleterious effects! In other words, many of the harmful effects of UV radiation are invisible at first and for a long time. Then, over the years, they sneak up on you. Again, it's like a ticking time bomb. Overexposure to UV radiation as a child can cause many health problems later in life, including melanoma, a life threatening form of skin cancer. While this may be too hard to explain to most children, parents need to keep this in mind at all times.

As parents, another consideration we have to remember is the fact that children's skin is so much thinner and more fragile than adult skin. Not only does it take less UVB to cause a sunburn on a child, it also takes less UVA to cause deleterious effects in the deeper layers of skin that can cause cancer and other health problems later in life. Since sunscreen is not an effective solution, parents need to find other ways to protect their children from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Obviously, we don't want to keep our children inside all the time and deprive them of a normal happy childhood. This is where UV Protection Clothing for children is your best solution. If your children wear this type of clothing when they are outdoors, it will prevent them from experiencing the ill effects of harsh UV radiation. Moreover, it works far better than sunscreen and you can let them can romp around outside all they want. 

Little Girl on a swing  wearing sun protective longsleeve bathingsuit

UV Protection Clothing for children is even more important if you have a fair skinned child, although UVA can damage any type of skin to some degree. A child's ancestry and where you live are important factors in how susceptible your child will be to UV radiation damage. For example, if your child's ancestors happen to be from Scotland, where the UV radiation is lower, and people are quite fair skinned, then they'll be in more danger if they inherited that fair skin and now live in Florida where the UV radiation is much higher. 

When shopping for UV Protection Clothing or children, you will notice a "UPF" rating. A UPF 50+ is the highest level of UV radiation protection. UPF 50+ rated UV Protection clothing will block more than ninety-eight percent of all UV radiation, including the UVA, which causes the most harmful effects longterm. 

Here's how the UPF ratings work:

A rating of UPF 30 means that no more than one in thirty solar rays will penetrate your child's skin. Even better, a rating of UPF 50+ means that no more than one in fifty solar rays will penetrate your child's skin. One in fifty is only two percent so more than ninety-eight percent of all UV radiation will be blocked if your child wears UV Protection Clothing with a UPF 50+ rating.

All UV.action products for babies and children offer protection with UPF 50+!! All fabrics used or developed by UV.Action are certified by ARPANSA, a respected Australian entity responsible for quality control of Sun Protection Clothing... and the Aussies know a lot about sun protection!

UV.action has a complete colection of clothing and accessories for both for children and babies, all featuring UPF 50+ sun protection. On the practical side, these sun protection clothes are made to be comfortable so your child will want to wear them. On the functional side, the fabric is made with polyamide, a special yarn containing titanium dioxide. This ensures that the sun protection contained in the clothing will not come out when you wash them.

UV.action Sun Protection Clothing will protect your child from destructive UV radiation far better than regular children's clothing. In fact, most children's clothing only has a UPF rating of between 6 and 16. This is because much of the UV rays can actually penetrate straight through the fabric of regular clothing!

In conclusion, we cannot protect our children from all the dangers in the world today. However, UV radiation is one danger we CAN protect our children from. Many parents believe they can achieve this by diligently applying sunscreen on their children. However, this is simply false as most UVA radiation can easily penetrate straight through sunscreen, no matter the rating. The best we can do as parents to protect our children from UV radiation is outfit them with Sun Protection Clothing.



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