Men's Long Sleeve Polo Sun Shirt

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  • Men's Long Sleeve Polo Sun Shirt
Men's Long Sleeve Polo Sun Shirt Men's Long Sleeve Polo Sun Shirt


Men's Long Sleeve Polo Sun Shirt

Sold out

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  • Classic polo shirt design
  • Blocks more than 98% of all UV radiation
  • SUN PROTECTION DOES NOT WASH OUT (unlike many other brands)
  • UPF 50+
  • Long sleeves that are non-constraining
  • Soft and smooth feel on the skin
  • Available in popular solid colors
  • Wicks away perspiration
  • Odor resistant
  • Independently tested by ARPANSA
  • Exclusive UV Action solar protection fabric
  • 91% Polyamide and 9% Spandex
  • Nylon polyamide with titanium dioxide embedded into fabric
  • Non-toxic
  • Prevents skin cancer and sun damage to the skin
  • Highly recommended by dermatologists

This classic style Men's Long Sleeve Polo Sun Shirt blocks more than 98% of all harmful UV radiation, including both UV-A and UV-B. This a sun shirt that can be dressed up or down depending on the circumstances. Made with our exclusive UV Action solar protection fabric, this shirt blocks harmful UV radiation with titanium dioxide embedded directly into the fibers. This advanced textile technology has the huge advantage of the UV protection never washing out! Furthermore, it provides FULL UPF 50+ protection for the entire lifetime of the garment. 

How Does UV Action Compare To Other Brands of Sun Protection Clothing?

Many other brands of UV protection clothing do not embed sun protection into the fibers of their fabrics. Instead, they simply soak their fabrics in chemicals that coat the fibers but don't actually get incorporated into the fibers. Unfortunately, this type of sun protection continually washes out with each laundry cycle. It also washes out when the wearer sweats or goes into the water! This significantly reduces the true SPF protection rating with each wearing. 

At UV Action, we don't just coat the fibers with chemicals, we actually EMBED the UV protection directly into the fibers. Therefore, our sun protection DOES NOT WASH OUT! This means that our sun protection garments maintain a full UPF 50+ rating, protecting our customers from more than 98% of all harmful UV radiation, FOR THE FULL LIFETIME OF THE GARMENT.

Here's another key difference between UV Action and other brands of sun protection clothing. While other brands may sport a UPF 50+ UV protection tag, they are not all independently tested by ARPANSA. Without ARPANSA independently testing a garment line, you cannot be sure the stated UPF rating is the actual UV protection the garment will provide. We are proud of the fact that every garment line we produce is independently tested by ARPANSA. We encourage you to verify this for yourself by checking the official ARPANSA website and finding our garment lines listed there.