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Many brands of UV protection clothing soak UV protective liquids into the fabric. Unfortunately, some of this liquid then rinses out every time you wash this type of UV garment. Moreover, it disappears completely after about thirty washes! So, while it does offer some protection from UV radiation, it is not an ideal solution by any means.

UV Action Technology Clothing Is a Much Better Solution To UV Protection Clothing!

UV Action Technology clothing has developed a much better solution for UV clothing. We incorporate UV protective titanium dioxide directly into the fibers of the fabric. Note, we don't just spray this on the surface either. We actually get the titanium dioxide particles embedded into each fiber of the clothing as the fibers are being produced for our polyamide fabrics. This has the huge advantage that the UV protection does not wash out! Thus, you can wash our UV protective clothing as many times as you like and you'll still have the same level of UV radiation protection as you had when the garment was brand new.

Titanium Dioxide Is the Same Nanoparticles Found In Top Performing Sunscreens

Titanium dioxide is a nanoparticle that is used in some of the top sunscreens on the market. Titanium dioxide not only prevents the the UVB portion of UV radiation from hitting the skin and causing sunburn, it also serves as an effective block to the UVA portion of UV radiation that causes skin cancer. The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a consumer advocacy group based in Washington D.C., rates sunscreens with titanium dioxide among the best performing and safest sunscreens. The Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University also unequivocally states that "mineral sunscreens," including those containing titanium oxide nanoparticles, are more effective than conventional sunscreens. This is based on research that is compiled from multiple sources around the United States.

You Get Total UV Protection From UV Action Technology Clothing

UV Action Technology clothing gives you excellent protection from both UVA and UVB radiation. This includes our sun protection shirts, sun clothing for children, UV protective swimsuits, and other UV Action Technology clothing that incorporate titanium dioxide into the fibers. We are proud of the fact that we are helping people protect their families from skin cancer and painful sunburn with maximum and total UV protection.

Our Clothing Is Independently Tested By ARPANSA

UV Action Technology clothing is tested independently by ARPANSA (Australian Agency for Radiation Protection), recognized as the world leader in testing clothing and other products for UV protection. Further, we have obtained certification from ARPANSA and our UV protection clothing appears on their official website so that you can independently verify this is true. Furthermore, we have received the highest rating from ARPANSA for ultraviolet radiation, a protective factor of UPF 50+ for all our sun protective clothing. Every sun protective garment you receive from UV Action Technology comes with a UPF 50+ tag that shows this top level, independent certification for the effectiveness of our UV protective clothing.

Your can click here and check directly on the ARPANSA website that UV.action Technology Clothing is a recommended brand for the following UV radiation protection product categories: 

- Kids Wear
- Swimwear
- Sun Hat
- Manufacturing

What this means is you can have full confidence in the ability of UV Action Technology clothing to protect you and your family from harmful UV radiation, both UVA rays and UVB rays. You'll know for sure we are not just us making this claim. It is backed up by independent testing using rigorous scientific testing.

What Does UPF 50+ Mean?

UPF stands for "UV Protection Factor." A UPF 50+ rating is the highest certification that ARPANSA awards to a UV protection garment. More than forty-nine out of fifty UV rays are completely blocked from penetrating the fabric and hitting the skin in a garment with a UPF 50+ rating! Bottom line, a UPF 50+ sun garment, certified by ARPANSA, guarantees that the skin covered by the garment will protect the wearer from more than ninety-eight percent of all harmful UV radiation, both UVA and UVB.

Comfort Is Important Too

Our clothing is made from polyamide fabrics. The fibers of this type of synthetic fabric are exceptionally soft and flexible. This means the fabric will feel fabulous against your skin. Even fussy children will love the way our UV protection clothing feels. This makes it much easier to get them to wear their sun shirt when they go out to play! It also makes casual weekends in the glorious sunshine more enjoyable for the whole family.

Final Word

UV Action Technology Clothing invites you to look through our inventory and try our products that offer the maximum level of UV protection that technology allows! We also encourage you to stay in touch with us and give us your feedback. We look forward to interacting with you.